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Welcome to the International Golf Society of Zug

"Keep it on the Short Stuff"

All About Us

The International Golf Society of Zug (founded in 2011) is the oldest Golf Society in the Canton of Zug. It was founded by the IGSZ board with the vision of generating awareness and improving the standard of golf within the Canton. The IGSZ aims to generate a spirit of goodwill and international friendship through a common sporting link, namely “The love of Golf”. Our members are made up of over 25 nationalities with handicaps ranging from 0 to 36 - they make the International Golf Society of Zug a special group.


Club Membership

How to Become a Member

Golf Clubs

Annual Membership

CHF 85.00 per year

Yearly Membership of the International Golf Society of Zug provides access to tournaments and events, and so much more. Payable by the attached QR slip. Want to find out more about this membership and even more details? Get in touch with us today.

Meet the Team


Danny Cummins

IGSZ President


John Stuart

IGSZ Chairman


Lindsay Johnston

IGSZ Treasurer


Marcel Kniknie

IGSZ Events Manager


Shane Wakefield

IGSZ Secretary

No upcoming events at the moment

In the News

Find Out What’s Happening

Slow Play - A Reminder

This year, we must insist upon correct timekeeping during rounds, all players must keep up with the flight in front. We had a number of complaints last year and we need to fix this. 2 hours for 9 holes and 4 hours for 18 holes.


IGSZ Merchandise 2023

For the 2023 Season, we have some brand new IGSZ Golf Shorts and IGSZ Head Covers (Driver or 3 Wood). We also have the standard IGSZ merchandise (Srixon balls, scorecard holders, baseball caps, shirts etc.)

Golf Player

IGSZ Knockout - Down to the last 16

All the 1st round matches in the IGSZ Knockout event are now complete, with some surprise results! The Round of 16 matches are now underway. You can see the results and upcoming matches by clicking the image.

Golf Shot


What are the main IGSZ Events?

Weekend Stableford (9 holes):
Each Saturday, typically starting at 09.00. Booking is made individually using the online PC CADDIE tool or by calling the course directly.

Monthly Medal (18 holes):
Typically takes place on the first Saturday of the month.
Places for IGSZ members are reserved in advance, register by E-Mail to IGSZ.

Senior Members Unlimited Golf (SMUG) (9 and 18 holes):
Typically Wednesday late morning - for our members with "extra time on their hands".
Booking is made individually using the online PC CADDIE tool or by calling the course directly.

What Tournaments does IGSZ have?

IGSZ Masters

Held at Sempachersee Golf Club an 18 hole Stableford + 18 hole Texas Scramble event. Breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks included. plus prizes and trophies.

Pickwick Pairs

Held at the picturesque Meggen Golf Club - this is a 2 x 9 Hole Stableford Pairs event. Pick a partner and sign up, usually with an evening BBQ and DrinksI

IGSZ Ryder Cup Weekend

Annual Team Competition (3 days x 18 holes) - this gets very competitive!

Are there any Social Events?

Yes, of course.

The IGSZ members meet regularly for beers in Zug, Luzern or Zürich, especially when there are golf events on the TV!

Rules & Regulations for the IGSZ?

Membership Terms and Conditions

The IGSZ is a non-profit golf society set up and managed by a small group of very nice people, to allow like-minded people to play golf in and around the Canton of Zug. Everyone is welcome to join the IGSZ, but please note that by joining our golf society, you accept and agree to the following terms and conditions:

  1. You and you alone are responsible for your conduct on and off the golf course. The IGSZ takes no responsibility for any actions or comments made by members, especially those that are dangerous, slanderous, libellous or otherwise offensive to anyone.

  2. Your details are logged and while the IGSZ respects your privacy if it looks like we might get in the shit for something you do or say, we’ll hand over your details and any other information that might get us out of trouble. Make no mistake, we’ll sing like a canary.

  3. You are expected to swear and curse on the golf course, and have a good time but if your sole intention is to annoy IGSZ members or other golfers, or to damage the reputation of the society then you will be chucked out of the society immediately.

  4. Golf Handicaps are adjusted regularly, depending on your current form, to ensure that everyone has an equal chance of winning. Handicaps are adjusted up and down by the IGSZ Chairman and President, in accordance with an extremely complicated and very complex statistical algorithm. If you get 22 points on 9 holes, you’re getting cut. End of story. If you’re playing badly for a sustained period, we will happily give you a few extra shots.

  5. Feel free to promote and encourage other golfers to join the IGSZ – however, under no circumstances will any of the following people be accepted:

    a) People with no handicap card / no history of playing golf
    b) People who are boring or annoying (or both)
    c) Anyone whose sole interest is to ‘pimp’ their own company or interests to IGSZ members

  6. To encourage fairness, and to help improve the standard of golf, we play off the WHITE tees in all 9 and 18 hole IGSZ competitions, exceptions will be made for high handicap players (>24).

  7. We currently do NOT have a women’s section within the IGSZ. We will review this issue at the start of each golf year, but any decision is dependent upon a minimum number of women players and the agreement by the existing IGSZ members*.

  8. The IGSZ expects all its members to respect basic golf etiquette, including, but not limited to:
    - Avoid slow play at all times, keep up with the flight in front of you
    - It is hugely unlikely that you will find your ball if it goes 100m into the woods, over the railway line or into someone’s house. Please play a provisional.
    - The IGSZ has no problem with members making their own private in-flight games, however this is NOT ALLOWED in IGSZ Tournaments and MUST NOT slow down the flight.
    - Play the ball as it lies**. If you’re in the deep rough, behind a tree and you take your Driver out, something is wrong.
    - We do not insist upon marking your ball, but please don’t tee off with a Titleist and finish with a Callaway.

  9. The IGSZ has a common sense attitude to the rules of golf, including Mulligans, preferred lies in wet conditions and a relaxed approach to balls in hazards. Where practicable, we will also add some fun rules (e.g. 1-club challenge, Nagillums etc.). If strict R&A rules are important to you, then find another club. 

  10. No IGSZ member may defend, in any way, shape or form, Chelsea Football Club or any of its players

* Please note that most of our members play golf to get away from their wives or girlfriends.

** With the exception of winter rules and when your ball is in a massive divot in the fairway

Our Sponsors

The IGSZ is proud to have 4 fantastic sponsors who support the golf society:


The Pickwick Pub, Zug

The No.1 Sports pub in Zug, with a great selection of beers on tap and classic pub food. Want to watch the latest golf events on the big screen with a pint in your hand? How about the English Premier League? Darts? Snooker? American Football? Look no further!


XL Golf, Rotkreuz

The International Golf Society of Zug recommends a visit to the excellent XL Golf in Rotkreuz for a wide selection of golf equipment, clothing and accessories. Address: Birkenstrasse 43A, 6343 Rotkreuz ... Hansjörg Rudolf will take care of you.


Bachweg Brewing, Zug

The folks at Bachweg Brewing are located in the old town of Zug and make some of the best Craft Beer in Switzerland. Bachweg has a wide range of great beers from, lager to IPA and porters, they also have a cool tasting room in the old town.


Brauerei Sutton

In addition to playing golf, Tim Sutton has specialised in hand-crafting premium, unpasteurized/unfiltered, traditional English-style real ales using traditional English brewing ingredients and methods and perfect Swiss mountain spring water.

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