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Charles and Peter S. share the money at Holzhäusern today coming home with 20 points each!

Charles and Peter S. gracefully accepted a cut on the existing IGSZ Hcp, as they both put in a solid performance again, shooting 20 stableford points today @ HH. For Peter that is a 2nd win in as much as 3 weeks. Peter also took NTP for a second time this year. Congratulations to both of them!

Results 9 holes @ HH (29.4.2023)

Charles 20

Peter S. 20

Lance 17

Matheus 17

Mark J. 14

Rolf 14

Lindsay 13

Pete B. 10

Sean 10

Svavar 10

Fergal 10

John 10

Luca 8

Aqeel 7

Graham 7

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May 01, 2023

There is no mention of my 4&3 matchplay win over Aqeel?

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