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Ian on top this Saturday at Holzhäusern for the weekly IGSZ 9 holes competition!

Ian Fowler took the money at HH Rigi this Saturday with a fine 18 points, ahead of a bunch of guys on 17 points (Hayden, Nigel S, Eamon C., Kyle and Tim H.) Lance scooped up some dosh for neatest to the pin on hole 4.

Results 9.3.24

Ian F. 18. 

Tim H. 17.

Kyle 17

Hayden 17.

Nigel S 17.

Eamon 17.

Danny 16.

Matthias 16.

Geoff Collis 12.

Lance 12.

Ron 12.

Gavin 12.

Alain W. 9

NTP - Lance

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