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Luca & Bill split the honors today at Holzhäusern

Luca found his form back after some sleepless nights over the last weeks, taking a joint victory with local HH ranger, Bill. They split this weeks pot winning with 19 points after the 9 holes. Covid gave them a rum for their money but only managed 17 points for a 2nd place! Congratulations to the winners

For a second time this season it was Ron who stuck his ball nearest to the pin on Hole 4

Results 17.06.23 @ Holzhäusern

Luca 19 (new Hcp 30)

Bill 19 (new Hcp 22)

Mark J. 17

Ian F. 16

Alan B. 16

Dave K. 16

Tim H. 16

Mark S. 15

Azman 14

Rolf 14

Lance 13

Peter M. 13

Kyle 13

Paul Bish 13

Svavar 13

Ron 13

Danny 12

Jeff A. 11

Hayden 7

NTP. Rolf

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