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Peter S. does it again sharing the victory with Iain C. with an incredible 21 pionts.

Sharing the win today between Peter Sproston and Iain Cartmill means a 3rd victory early in the season for Peter in the last 4 weeks. We keep cutting his Hcp, but it doesn’t seem to impact him putting solid efforts in each week. What even more amazing is that he also took NTP again as well. No stopping him this season! Congratulations to both Peter and Iain! We had a big turnout today with 25 IGSZ-ers battling for the money today.

Results for IGSZ 9 holes at HH

Peter Spr 21 (new Hcp 11)

Iain C. 21 (new Hcp 4)

Hayden 18

John S. 16

Lance 15

Svavar 15

Aqeel 15

Ralph 15

Sean 14

Covid J 14

Alan K 14

Danny 13

Captain 13

Alain 13

Big Pete 12

Rob 11

Ron 11

Xavier 11

Paul Bish 11

Rolf 11

Bill 10

Marcel 9 (new Hcp 8)

Graham 9

Luca 7

Ian F. 5 (new Hcp 33)

NTP - Peter S.

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