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Experience leads to victory for Heikki IGSZ Monthly Medal #3

Heikki led the field at the 3rd Monthly Medal at a steamy Holzhäusern golf club today. He managed to outperform the entire group with 37 points closely followed by runner up Till with 35 stableford points. Taking the win meant a cut for Heikki to a Hcp of 11.

Tim M. managed to win the nearest to the pin on hole 11!

Congratulations also go out to Danny, Adria, Xavier and Captain Shires winning the team competition with an aggregate beat score of 48!

Results MM #3 (8.7.2023)

Heikki 37 (new Hcp 11)

Till 35

Mark J. 34

Ralph M 34

Mark S. 33

Danny 32

Tim M 32

Lindsay 31

Xavier 30

Nigel L 27

Iain C 27

Svavar 27.

Jeff A. 26

Hayden 26

Warren 26

Azman 25.

Doug 24

Ian F 24

Steve B 23

Peter B. 22

Adrian L. 20

Team winners: 48 points

Danny. Adrian. Mark S. Xavier

Ntp. Tim Meeks

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