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All smiles for the Mayer family again, taking the win and NTP

Lance continued his form today at Holzhäusern establishing his new handicap which was lowered 2 weeks ago, coming home with a excellent 19 points. This meant the group voted democratically to cut his Hcp even lower, now at +1. Rolf came in second with 17 managing his handicap after deliberately putting his tee shot on the last hole into the woods, never to be found again. Solid shot into the fog from Hayden to cash the money for NTP today.

Results 22.4.23 @ Holzhäusern

Lance 19 (new Hcp +1)

Rolf 17

Nigel 15

Graham 14

Charles 14

Alain 14

Hayden 13

Doug 13

Mark S. 12

Svavar 12

Marcel 11

Kyle 11

Tim 10

Luca 9 (new Hcp 28)

John 9 (new Hcp 12)

Michael (new Hcp 19)

Fergal (new Hcp 20)

NTP - Hayden

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