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IGSZ President on top form for Monthy Medal #2

Danny Cummins was a force to be reckoned with this weekend at Holzhäusern, taking the win at the second Monthly Medal with an impressive 35 points. He also guided his team to a victory with a team score of 48, taking best stableford points on each hole. And to finish it off, Danny also made his magic wand work perfectly to clinch nearest to the pin to top off the day. Next station for Danny is the PGA! 😁

With an impressive 33 points it was Hayden to take 2nd place narrowly beating Jeff Anhut & Luca Pescatore for 3rd with 32 points each.

Results of MM #2 at HH 29.05.23

Danny 35

Hayden 33

Luca 32

Jeff A 32

Michael 30

Aqeel 30

Ralph M. 29

Peter S. 29

Ian F 28

Nigel S 28

Heikki 28

Alain W 28

Mark J 26

Doug 26

Bill 25

Charles 25

John 25

Iain C 22

Lance 22

Svavar 21

Peter B 21

Steve B 18 (new Hcp 20)

Alan B 18 (new Hcp 21)

NTP - Danny

winning Team: Danny, Hayden, Luca, Steve B = 48

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Luca Pescatore
Luca Pescatore
May 21, 2023

This is not a comment


Unknown member
May 21, 2023

The NTP Was actually really close as we had a walk off with Michael's great shot too.. maybe needed a tape measure 🤔

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