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Matthias in pole position for the annual IGSZ bandit nomination after another blistering round!

New IGSZ member Matthias took home the money again after he won last weekend already as well. Seems like we are finally getting close to his real playing Hcp after the chainsaw came out cutting him to a 24 Hcp now. Congratulations Matthias with an excellent round again! Very well played as well, and worth mentioning are Ian F & Danny finishing 2nd and 3rd with respectively 19 and 18 stableford points. Congrats to the top 3!

Tim H. stuck it closest to the hole today.

Results 9 holes @ Holzhäusern 3.6.23

Matthias H. 24 ! (New Hcp 24)

Ian F 19 (New Hcp 32)

Danny 18

Nigel 18

Svavar 18

Till 18

Iain C. 17

Tim H. 16

Mark J. 15

Lindsay 15

Xavier 15

Eamon 14

Charles 14

Aqeel 14

Dave K. 13

Steve B. 13

Fergal 13

Azman 12

Mark S. 12

Peter B 10

Rolf H. 11

Gavin 9 (new Hcp 19)

NTP - Tim H.

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