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Matthias surprised us all with a good 22 points win today

New IGSZ member Matthias H. put in a solid performance and a first nomination for the Mexican Sombrero nomination for 2023. He played well in good conditions at HH coming home with an incredible 22 points. This earned him a new shiny Hcp of 30! Till had a very good round as well coming in 2nd with 21 points thinking he had clinched it this weekend, earning him a new Hcp of 18, but no money. Congratulation to both.

Aqeel did his part and put it close on hole 3 to with NTP. Results 9 holes @ Holzhäusern 27.05.23

Matthias 22 (new Hcp 30)

Till 21 (new Hcp 18)

Azman 18

Iain 16

Jeff 15

Bill 15

Aqeel 15

Dave K. 14

Captain 14

Nigel S. 14

Danny 13

Mark J. 13

Fergal 13

Peter B 12

Hayden 11

Ian F. 10

Sean 9

Svavar 9

Marcel 9 (new Hcp 9)

Graham 8

Steve B 8 (new Hcp 21)

Rolf 8 (new Hcp 18)

Luca 5 (new Hcp 32)

NTP - Aqeel

Some more 1st round Knock-out matches were played as well. For results see the main page on under the knock-out article. (Click on the picture for the pdf)

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