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No contention for the first IGSZ Monthly Medal winner Peter Sproston

Peter was in top form in rainy conditions at Holzhäusern today, not only winning the 1st Monthly Medal 🥇, but taking nearest to the pin on Hole 8 today as well. Peter came home with an excellent 36 points managing his Hcp well. Peter walked away with all the prizes today, including a proper pint of IPA from our sponsor Sutton Brewery. Consistent play was the name of the game today, as veteran Heikki followed closely taking 2nd with 33 point. Danny managed to coach his team to a very good 47 points, bagging the team each 3 exceptional IGSZ golf balls!

Results MM1 @ Holzhäusern 15.04.23

Peter Spr. 36

Heikki 33

Fergal 31

John 31

Nigel 29

Michael M. 29

Charles 28

Tim Hilts 28

Marcel 27

Danny 26

Till 26

Hayden 25

Bill 25

Kyle 25

Lance 25

Jeff A. 24

Doug 23

Azman 22

Alan B 18 (new Hcp 21)

Alan K 18 (new Hcp 18)

NTP Peter Spr.

Winning team score - 47

Danny, Doug, Peter, Bill.

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