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Sutton beer tasting and IGSZ knock out draw for 2024

Couple of IGSZ folks came together for a beer tasting at our sponsor “Sutton Beer” to taste a couple of different beers while we made the draw for the IGSZ knock out for 2024.

We had 32 people registered, after a random draw these are the first matches.

Top Half.

Azman vs. Danny

Matthias vs. Tim M.

Kyle vs. Patrick

Nigel vs. Peter M.

Tim H. vs. Jeff A.

Lindsay vs. Marcel

Adrian vs. Aqeel

Warren vs. Luca

Bottom half.

John S. vs. Alain

Iain C. vs. Hayden

Steve vs. Dave K.

Fergal vs. Xavier

Bill vs. Lance

Gavin vs. Till

Doug vs. John U.

Michael vs. Rob N.

Matches are based on 3/4 handicap difference.

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